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Taka Rate Line
 ||   Today's GBP - TAKA Rate  110.10 ||  [Last updated  20/09/2017]
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Trade Finance

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Remittance Services

Remit money to your loved ones or friends in Bangladesh. For more information Click here
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Remittance Calculator

Please enter the amount you would like to remit below and the commission and total charge will be calculated for you.

by Telephone
over the Counter

Remittable Amount  
Cheque/Telephone Remittance Handling Charge  
Credit Card Charges  
Total in £ to pay  
Total Remitted Taka  
Amount (GBP)
Up to £100
£100.01 - £3000
Over £3000
Debit Card
Credit Card Charge
  Commission (GBP)
1.5% with minimum of £5
Flat fee of £45.00
No additional charge
1.85% of Remittable Amount

A £1 handling fee has been added above to cover cheque or telephone transactions.

Currency Rate

Euro: 1.145 Buy in £
Euro: 1.105 Sell in £
USD: 1.370 Buy in £
USD: 1.330 Sel in £
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