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Taka Rate Line
 ||   Today's GBP - TAKA   Rate  109.50     ||    [  Last updated  20/07/2018  ]
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Taka RateLine

Sonali Bank (UK) Ltd has introduced a special telephone service. The Taka RateLine means that customers can telephone a special number in the UK to obtain the current Taka/Sterling rate of exchange. The service provides the spot rate together with Sterling equivalents of Tk10,000, Tk50,000 and Tk100,000. The rates are updated each morning.

The Taka RateLine enables customers to obtain details of the daily Taka rate without having to speak to a member of staff. Customers are then able to calculate the amount to be remitted before coming to the Bank.

Many customers are using this service so why not give it a try yourself?

Taka RateLine 020 7877 8200 (Select Option 1)

Please note that the exchange rate will change on a daily basis and the rate applicable to your transaction is that available on the day of the transaction.

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