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Sonali Bank (UK) Ltd provides account opening services for Bangladeshi people living in UK to open savings accounts in Bangladesh with any branch of Sonali Bank Ltd, Bangladesh.

Opening an account in Bangladesh offers some of the following benefits:

  • Your future remittances arrive quickly.
  • Your money is available to you when you need it.
  • Your money earns an attractive rate of interest.
  • You can make withdrawals by cheque.
  • You will be investing in and supporting your country.
  • Your money is safe with the largest government owned bank in Bangladesh.

Information and Requirements for opening Savings Accounts

Customers who wish to open accounts with Sonali Bank Ltd, Bangladesh should note the following:

  • You may apply for an account at any branch of Sonali Bank (UK) Limited.
  • You will need to complete an account application form giving your present UK address and your permanent address in Bangladesh. You will also need to complete a signature card.
  • You will need to provide two recent passport sized photographs with your name clearly written on the back in block capital letters.
  • You must bring with you a valid passport as a means of identification.
  • The minimum deposit to open an a open account is 50.00. A fee of 16.00 to cover postage, plus commission at remittance rate. Click here for our remittance calculator or to download a remittance request form.
  • For opening a Foreign Currency (FC) Account a fee of 12.00 is charged to cover postage.
  • You should note that it takes Sonali Bank Ltd Bangladesh approximately four to six weeks for your account opening confirmation to be sent to you directly.

Please note that accounts with Sonali Bank Ltd Bangladesh are not Sonali Bank (UK) Limited products.

Sonali Bank (UK) Ltd will collect the document from you and you are responsible for ensuring that they are completed correctly. Sonali Bank (UK) Ltd will not be responsible for any delays incurred in opening any accounts with Sonali Bank Ltd in Bangladesh.

Sonali Bank Ltd will contact you direct in relation to any queries raised by them resulting from the documentation. 


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