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Taka Rate Line
 ||   Today's GBP - TAKA   Rate  109.50     ||    [  Last updated  20/07/2018  ]
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Interest rates on accounts

Interest rates on accounts in £ sterling at a glance

Account Gross                  AER

Deposit account  0.05%                         0.05%

Savings account 0.05%                         0.05%

Golden Call Deposit 0.15%                         0.15%

(7 day notice account)

Hajj account                            No interest paid on this account

Bonus payable at the end of the term

Fixed Deposit                          Rates available on request

In accordance with the new Personal Savings Allowance for savings income received by individual basic and higher rate taxpayers which came into effect on 6th April 2016, Tax will not be chargeable on:

up to £1,000 of a basic rate taxpayer’s total savings income each year,

or up to £500 of a higher rate taxpayer’s total savings income each year.

Please note that in line with these changes we shall no longer deduct any tax from interest earned on your account maintained with us.

You therefore need to consider your interest income when submitting your income tax return.

Should you have any queries relating to the above please contact our Customer Services Department on 0207 877 8230

Further information on the new arrangements can be found from the following link:

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