Trade Finance

Trade Finance

Trade Finance is a long-established area of business which Sonali Bank (UK) Ltd has concentrated its efforts over the years to facilitate import and export transactions; primarily with Bangladesh.

We handle Bangladesh’s import payments under Letters of Credit from Europe and the Far East. Our experienced team handle the various aspects of Documentary Credit transactions and bank-to-bank reimbursements in all major currencies.

Acting as an active correspondent for Sonali Bank Ltd, Bangladesh and other Bangladeshi banks for Trade Finance Services, allows SBUK to facilitate Trade transactions across our excellent correspondent network across Europe and America.

Services We Provide

  • Advising of Letters of Credit
  • Confirmation of Letters of Credit
  • Negotiation of Documents under Letters of Credit
  • Bills Discounting drawn under Letters of Credit
  • Post-Import Re-financing Facilities
  • Assignment of Proceeds
  • Documentary Collections
  • Bank to Bank Reimbursements
  • Transfer of Letters of Credit
  • Bank/Performance Guarantees